About Greg

Greg Kelly is singer songwriter in the Country-Folk tradition based in Ottawa, Ontario. He has recorded four CDs of original songs: Broken Windows (2008), Slow Horses (2012), Ghosts (2016), and Hearts Collide (2021). 

His songs focus on people and situations, loves and lost loves, addiction and recovery.  You know…human stuff. 

Greg is well known in the Ottawa area as a promoter of local, and some not so local, performers. Presenting them at his weekly music series, “Tunes After Noon with Greg Kelly and Friends”, he treats his audiences to a wide variety of musical genres with a focus on original music.

In 2017, Greg was the inaugural winner of the Spirit of Tony Turner Award. This award is presented annually in recognition of someone who has made a special contribution to the Ottawa folk music community.

Greg has been writing music for decades. However, it wasn’t until 2008 that he decided to step outside his comfort zone, share his work, and in turn, bring together a large community of musical talent who are both heard and unheard.